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Strange: 10 Famous People Who Never Married


In this post we will be talking about 10 famous people who never married. This sounds very weird because of it’s a good thing to be married. The problem isn’t that they never dated anyone but things just don’t seem to work out for them and that is why most time they end up breaking up with those they are dating.

Curious to know the famous people that made it on this list of 10 famous people who never married? Let’s move on:


Dana Delany


Dana Welles Delany is an American film, stage, and television actress, producer, presenter, and health activist. Delany has been active in show business since the late 1970s.

Delaney has never married, though she has said she is open to it. In 2007, she said, “Marriage has never been a big deal for me, but I think I’m ready now… I got to have all the fun in the world, to experience a lot of people and figure out what I really like.”

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